Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cows on Pasture

The cows are enjoying the pasture these days, and we were able to take some pictures this evening of some of the calves we are excited about.
We have a good selection of Purebred Angus bull calves, as well as a crossbred bull calf (pictured below) that will be  FOR SALE!
We hope to exhibit some of these calves at the upcoming late summer and fall shows including Old Home Week, Charlottetown, PE,  NB Beef Expo, Sussex NB, and  Expo Boeuf, Victoriaville, Quebec.
We are extremely happy with our herd sire pictured below :  Bannockburn Maples Kodiak. He is a HF Kodiak Grandson and we have used him on almost all of our cow herd last year and this year.
Visitors are welcome at anytime - just call the farm ahead to make sure we will be home.
Julie is taking lots of French classes, so we can even offer services 'EN FRANCAIS'!
Herd Sire: Bannockburn Maples Kodiak. Three Years old. HF Kodiak Grandson. He is the sire of almost all of the calves this year.
We only had a couple of AI calves this past year,  this is a January Bull calf by
SAV CINCH, out of a Net Worth cow.
Another SAV CINCH January calf out of Glen Islay Pride 14S
A March Yearling heifer sired by Bannockburn Maples Kodiak ( our herd sire),
out of a EXAR Lutton daughter. She is bred to PVF Insight.
This is a Silveiras Style January yearling. She is bred to PVF Insight as well.


Here is a Bismark 4 year old cow doing a great job with her
Bannockburn Maples Kodiak January bull calf


This is a January crossbred bull calf, sired by Bannockburn Maples Kodiak and out of the cow pictured below - an Angus/Simmental Cross



The cows enjoying the green grass after a long winter in the barn!

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